Mod «1957-1959 Bundeswehr Rifle Trials Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

1957-1959 Bundeswehr Rifle Trials Pack

Shower thought I had: What was before the G3? Well, the CETME Modelo A was. So I figured I might as well make all of the four rifles trialed in 1957-1959 for the newly founded Bundeswehr to replace the G1 / FN-FAL that was in use before that


Spread: High
Velocity: 840 units
Recoil: Medium
Ammo: 20+1 / 6 Magazine

G2 / STG-57
Spread: Very Low
Velocity: 840 units
Recoil: Low
Ammo: 20+1 / 5 Magazines

Not-G3 / CETME Modelo A
Spread: Medium
Velocity: 780 units
Recoil: Medium
Ammo: 20+1 / 6 Magazines

G4 / AR-10
Spread: Low
Velocity: 820 units
Recoil: Medium
Ammo: 20+1 / 7 Magazines

Models not 100% period correct to the rifles used in the actual trials, but they're atleast 90% close!

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  • Author: sigmoton
  • Mod version: 27.02.22
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