Mod «Puckle Gun» for Ravenfield (Build 25)

Puckle Gun

This here is my first turret, achieved with the help of Pishi, I thank you so very much. For the rest of you, I hope you like this and let me know what you think - hopefully some of the bugs in this turret I can find a resolution for in future turrets.

A strapping young inventor of London developed a novel concept and upon the 15th of May o' 1718 was granted a patent for it. His name was Mr. James Puckle. The weapon itself was in his own words:
"A portable gun or machine called a defence, that discharges soe often and soe many bulletts, and can be soe quickly loaden as renders it next to impossible to carry any ship by boarding."
Indeed, a repeating flintlock weapon achieved during the early 18th century. The device itself never came to much fruition, with only a few being actively considered for campaign use, however many still admire its novelty to this day. In the modern age this gun would've been slow to fire - even slower than the Chauchat - but for its day this was the pinnacle of speed, the Gatling Gun of its day.

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