Mod «[WW2C+PGW] Arisaka Type 38 pack» for Ravenfield (Build 25)

[WW2C+PGW] Arisaka Type 38 pack

The Type 38 rifle was a redesign of the Type 30 rifle, which proved unreliable during the Russo-Japanese war. It was simpler, safer, and had a dust cover to avoid dirt getting into the chamber. It proved more reliable, but there were concerns about the relative low power of the 6.5 ammunition compared to other modern rifles of the time. There were several variants of it, including a carbine and a cavalry carbine. The Type 44 cavalry carbine had a needle bayonet with a hook on the side of the gun, designed for bayonet fencing. Many of the preserved Type 44s seem to have lost the dust cover.

Finally, during the Sino-Japanese war, a new version was introduced, which fired more powerful round, the Type 99. In this pack i added the Type 99 sniper, as i couldn't do it when i did the Type 99 remake, and since i'm doing this on the night before going on vacation far away, i don't have time to add it to the Type 99 pack, maybe i'll do it after coming back in 2 weeks.


  • Type 38
  • Type 38 bayonet
  • Type 38 carbine
  • Type 44
  • Type 44 bayonet
  • Type 99 sniper


  • Damage->101 (1 shot to the body)
  • Loadded ammo->5

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