Mod «Imperial Knight Paladin: Terryn's Grieve» for Ravenfield (Build 25)

Imperial Knight Paladin: Terryn's Grieve

Imperial Knights are Ancient Warmachines, said to all hail from the Dark Age of Technology, when Humanity regined over the Galaxy not through sheer number of troops raised, but through sheer technological superiority. The Knights however are from even before Humanities peak, when they just started settling the stars and needed protection for their many colonies. The Knights where that Protection. Able to supress large and aggresive local Wildlife with ease, and carry heavy loads over otherwise impassable terrain.

Weapons include

-Rapid Fire Battlecannon
-Arm Mounted Heavy Stubber
-Shoulder Mounted Heavy Stubber (controlled by second seat)
-The Knight has a forward facing Ion Shield, that activates automatically, when it is being tracked by lock-on weapons
-Use X for Exhaust fire (doubles as countermeasures)


  • Ability To Read
  • Fixes

07.06.21 Ravenfield (v.25)


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