Mod «SA58 "Juice Cannon" - Project ExtAs (COMMISSION)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

SA58 "Juice Cannon" - Project ExtAs (COMMISSION)

The SA58 is the modern FAL created by David Selvaggio Arms

The ExtAs SA58 is the very first commission piece that the ExtAs team has worked on.

  • Performance Friendly
  • Minimalist HUD
  • Ammo Checking · (Middle Mouse Button) No on screen ammo counter, manually check for the approximate amount of rounds and magazine count
  • Inspect · (J)
  • Melee System · (Left Alt) Seperate melee system that deals damage and knock enemies down depending on the weapon
  • Deadzone System
  • Fast Reload · (Double Tap R) Fast reload when in a pinch, discards the magazine in the weapon
  • Hand Drawn Muzzle Flashes
  • Smoke Trails
  • Camera Animations
  • First Draw
  • Nightvision Aiming · Automatically cants the weapon when using nightvision
  • Prone Animations
  • Firemodes · (X)
  • Update

Version 17.04.21 for Ravenfield (B23)


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