Mod «[WW2 Collection] M1 Carbine pack» for Ravenfield (Build 21)

[WW2 Collection] M1 Carbine pack

The M1 was a carbine originally developed for support troops,as the M1 Garand was deemed too heavy and cumbersome for them. Eventually it became the primary weapon of paratroopers (until the M1A1 was developed, NCOs,support troops and other roles. It was considered a good weapon overall due to it's compact size and easy use. It's main problem came from it's underpowered .30 Carbine round,which had a relatively short range and stopping power.
In the latter months of WW2,other variants (not counting the M1A1) of the carbine were developed and issued,the most notable being the M2,a select fire conversion that was used in the last push in Europe and in the final battles in the Pacific.
In the last weeks of fighting,the T3 Prototype carbine was also issued in Okinawa,using the M1 Snooperscope infrarred device (currently not in the pack,will be added later)


-Damage->40 (3 shots to the body)
-Loadded ammo->15


-M1 Carbine
-M1 with M1 adapter grenade (good against infantry)
-M1 with M9A1 grenade (good against armor)
-M1 with M22 grenade (smoke grenade)
-M2 select fire
-M2 bayonet

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