Mod «Flare Gun» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

Flare Gun

Hello, welcome back to another of my weapon mods. I've decided to make something a bit more generic this time, that being a flare gun. The model is based of the Orion brand of flare gun, except this is Ravenfield so it is designed for combat here. It includes 4 types (technically 2):

  • Flare Gun: the standard variant which shoots flares that stay on the ground, damaging enemies nearby.
  • Impact Flare Gun: A variant that uses military grade flares, it is able to directly hit enemies and knock them down.
  • One hand versions: Purely cosmetic changes, with the gun being held in one hand for extra game customization.
  • All variants are usable by AI. The guns are located in a category called "Emergency Kit," possibly more to come there.

Note: all flare projectiles have lights and particles, may cause lag if used in mass quantities.

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