Mod «RE: SroA Gungnir Fighter Plane [SiV]» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: SroA Gungnir Fighter Plane [SiV]

The F21 Gungnir, named after the famed spear wielded by the godfather Odin in old norse mythology is a capable aircraft that forms the operational backbone of SroA Air Superiority doctrines. The jet Aircraft is relatively lightly armed and armoured, carrying only machineguns and medium sized unguided rockets, yet it is also fairly nimble, making it a good dogfigter, should the need arise.

This modpack contains:
  • F21 Gungnir


This mod is handled as an SiV, short for Standard issue Vehicle. This means, that this mod is meant to act as a direct vanilla replacement, balanced against SiV vehicles of the other Factions.

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