Mod «[DRONES 2.1] MQ-28 Ghost Bat Loyal Wingman» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[DRONES 2.1] MQ-28 Ghost Bat Loyal Wingman

The Boeing MQ-28 Ghost Bat UAV, a stealth, multirole, unmanned aerial vehicle / fighter drone in development by Boeing Australia for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Uses Drones 2.1. comes prepacked with this mod. Spawns as a vehicle, No remote needed.
Crash it and you don't die since your in a remote control station. Support for F-35 mods


  • AGM Missile
  • AIM-120 Missile
  • JDAM guided bomb
  • Script fix for Command center spawning

23.02.23 (b.26)


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