Mod «Falcon VH-X "Cicada"» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon VH-X "Cicada"

It had been 12 years since the last skirmish on the continent, but the Great Peace was about to come to an end. Due to the lack of conflict, the Falcon Arms Exports were failing. Both the Ravens and Eagles were successfully developing their own weaponry. While the Falcons had manage to develop and improve, they were still several years behind everyone else. They had only been able to export arms to insurgent groups within Eagle and Raven territory, and even then, only in small numbers. Worse still, the Eagle rhetoric was getting more and more anti-falcon, and it was looking like conflict would return, but with the Falcons at the front, not influencing from the side. When they recieved intel that the Eagles were developing a completely new type of gunship, years ahead of any other technology, the Falcons launched a daring plan to take the blueprints and technology. The operation was the biggest ever peacetime operation launched by the Royal Falcon Army Corps, and it was completely successful. Not only did the Falcons seize the blueprints and technology, they also kidnapped various scientists and engineers working on the project, setting the Eagles several years back. Ultimately the Falcons modified the blueprints and technology to suit their own needs, coming up with the VH-X "Cicada".
The craft served with 4 squadrons, and first saw action in the skirmish Battle of the Great Plains, when the Eagles attempted to launch an armoured offensive straight through the Great Plains, but were beaten back by ground forces helped by 2 Squadrons of Cicadas. Part of the success of the Cicadas was due to the heavy armour they were equipped with, making the invulnerable to smaller arms. After this Skirmish, anti-Falcon rhetoric from the Eagles quietened, as once again, the Falcons became a major force in the region.

1x Dual 30mm Cannon,
2x Big Bird 180mm Rockets
14x 68mm Rockets

1x 20mm Cannon
8x Black Rabbit IV ATGMs

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