Mod «RE: PoS Mancherion All Purpose Fighter» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: PoS Mancherion All Purpose Fighter

The Mancherion is one of the mainstay vehicles of the PoS's planetary air force, designed with the usual elegant flowing lines that has come to be expected of their Crafts, this vehicle in particular posed a greater challenge to it's engineers, as their civilian "Aircraft" where typically not designed for extended operations within an atmosphere, never mind one as volatile as earth's. In the end the Mancherion ended up as a decently sized fighter craft, capable of outrunning and outgunning most the defenders of earth could throw at it. Outlasting is another issue entirely though.
The Mancherion is armed with Dual Incineratores, for dog fighting, an Adjusted Cherargons Spear High energy Railgun, dubbed Mancherions spear, for taking out heavier armoured targets, aswell as Mancherions Quiver, a group of small missiles, that could either be fired blindly or locked onto specific targets to be chased until the sun burns out.

Special Features

-Lock on Missiles for player use only-> bots can still use the missiles, but they are barred from using the lock on function

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