Mod «Re: SroA Paris Class Alpine Defense Unit» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Re: SroA Paris Class Alpine Defense Unit

The Paris Class Mech, is a lightly armoured Walker, named after the Trojan Prince who (according to some tellings of the Story) Shot the Arrow that killed Achilles. The Paris Class suits are typically deployed on the alpine border of the SroA with the Reformed Swiss Republic (RSR). The Pilots utilize their Suits superior Ability to overcome steep terrain in order to take up elevated positions and harass enemy armoured formations during their vulnurable crossing of the mountains paths. For this purpose the Paris Class is usually equipped with upscaled weapons of the Ceratis Line, in this case highly accurate Autocannons. For additonal defense, the Suits come with shoulder mounted Seeker Missiles.
The Paris Suits are directly controlled by a human operator, typically with some form of neural interface for improved control. The Suit is outfitted with a minor A3 class Artificial intelligence that can aid the pilot during stressful situations and bring them to safety in case the pilot gets incapacitated. Unlike most other Terretorial Defense Units in use by the SroA, the Paris Class is not intended for extended operation outside the resupply network, carrying only a backpackmounted Battery with around two weeks power at full capacity and limited ammo, as well as nutrient supply.

This modpack contains:

-SroA Paris Class Alpine Defense Unit

Known Issues (not going to be fixed/changed):

-While Sprintig Firing or Reloading may cause unsightly behaviour in first or third person
-Bots are not very fast using the Mech
-Immediately after entering the Mech, some animations may not work as intended, this should fix itself after five seconds

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