Mod «LETMS - FV510 Warrior» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

LETMS - FV510 Warrior

The FV510 Warrior IFV, currently in service with the British Army and Kuwait Army, is a capable and combat proven vehicle with a service record spanning from the Gulf War up to operations in Afghanistan.

However, time is showing on the platform as it is lacking against more modern IFVs and replacement options are currently being explored.

Vehicle Stats

  • 3250 health.
  • 30mm L21A1 RARDEN cannon, capable of shooting APDS and HEI rounds
  • Coaxial 7.62mm L94A1 chain gun
  • Commander-controlled MILAN ATGM launcher

Required: LETMS Framework

  • update

27.05.23 (b.26)

  • fixed missing death models


23.05.23 (b.26)

  • fixed FLIR aiming to be consistent in quality


12.09.22 (b.26)


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