Mod «P.1000 "RATTE"» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

P.1000 "RATTE"

The German Super Heavy Beast, the P.1000 RATTE!
This did not exist so I could've made it go 100km/h.
Holds up to 11 crew (1 for each turret).
Has a lot of health (79000 to be exact because why not).


P.1000 Ratte: -One x2 280mm boomsticks (APCBC and HE)
-Three 128 (APCBC and HE) cannons (one hull mounted, two maus turrets + 75mm cannons)
-One x2 30mm AA (Kugelblitz)
-Six x4 20mm AA (Wirbelwind)

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