Mod «RE: CC Dreadnought» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: CC Dreadnought

The Dreadnought is the first of it's kind and one of the most superior armored vehicles produced by the combined forces of the CC. It's armed with a QUAD .68 Calibre backside mounted MGS, a refurbished naval cannon salvaged from old stranded naval ships, A missile rack with 30 incendiary rockets, 2 flamethrowers and 2 .68 calibre machine guns provided by Military Nation of new Texas. Each weapon has gained extra amount of ammo are stored inside and outside the vehicle behind the fattest layers of protection for long term combat missions.

Almost every side of the dreadnought has a 20 cm layer reïnforced steel realligned with reactive armor spots allowing for protection of critical points. The huge amount of armor prevents proper FOV for the driver and navigator. To compensate this a submarine scope was salvaged and integrated into the cockpit.

This modpack contains:



  • Driver: The driver has two tools at it's disposal a horn (to honk!) and a scope. The scope can be activated by pressing aim.
  • NavalGun: The naval gun uses just like the driver seat a scope but this one is integrated into the turret itself. The scope can also be activated through aiming.
  • WeakSpot: If you ever find yourself in need to destroy a dreadnought try to aim for it's red fuel tank at the bottom. This weakspot takes up to 100% damage from small arms, 200% damage from heavy arms and up to 400% damage from anti-armor!

02.01.22 (b.26)


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