Mod «BTR-82A variants» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

BTR-82A variants

The BTR-80/ BTR-82A (Russian: Bronyetransportyor, literally "Armored Transporter") is an 8×8 wheeled amphibious armored personnel carrier (APC) designed in the USSR. The Soviets based the BTR-80 on the BTR-70 APC. It has a single 260-hp V-8 turbocharged water-cooled diesel engine, an improvement over the twin gasoline engines installed in the BTR-60 and BTR-70 vehicles. The reconfigured rear portion of the hull accommodates the new, single engine. The Soviets removed the roof chamfers of the modified BTR-70, raised the rear, and squared off the rearward-sloping engine compartment. Standard equipment includes TNPO vision blocks, TNP-B and TKN-3 optical devices for the driver and commander, an OU-3GA2M infrared search light, six 81 mm smoke grenade launchers 902V "Tucha", a radioset (R-173 or R-163-50U), an intercom, and hydrojets for amphibious propulsion.

Includes 3 variants:

  • Woodland
  • Desert
  • Gray



  • 1 x 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon (150 rounds)
  • 1 x 7.62 mm PKT machine gun (250 rounds)
  • Fire extinguisher and repair module

Capacity: 7 Personnel

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Mr_2005
  • Mod version: 02.04.21
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 15.3 mb
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