Mod «[Halcon-Crisis] Main Battle Tanks» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

[Halcon-Crisis] Main Battle Tanks

MBTs for the Halcon conflict.

TMX-56 Faucille

A veteran of many nations and a keeper of the peace, the Faucille is not merely the mainline tank of the Falcon armored brigades, but the IPC as well. Whilst modernized plenty since the first variants rolled out in 1956, the TMX-56 has grown into an old wardog in the face of newer armor.

Espada 2A7

Entering service in 1984, the Espada 2A7 has the benefit of being sleeker, faster, and in general, being far more modern. Hawk tactics in particular favor the tank's ability to strike swiftly, making it the preferred sledgehammer of Halcion ambushes.

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