Mod «Type3 Midnight V2» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

Type3 Midnight V2

The Midnight was not named for its role or colour, but its ferocity. Being incredibly nimble, combat capable, and powerful, it was a formidable foe. Alas, it required too many materials, and only 10 were produced. At the start, only 5 existed. After sim testing, it would be painted black and given a role, for the intensity of a Midnight was incredible.


  • Night Ops (currently working to fix the FLIR pod camera not working)
  • Dogfight Drone (fires projectiles on interval, but needs 2 seconds to load. Best of dogfighting or long-range strikes)
  • Striker (has a mounted railgun. Weapon 5 is "airburst", does far less damage but requires less aim. Weapon 6 is "railgun", requires a direct hit, and will one-hit most things. You have to use the scroll wheel to get to railgun, since pressing 6 doesn't work.

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