Skin «Vanilla+ - Rolling Thunder Content Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Vanilla+ - Rolling Thunder Content Pack

Mobilize for full-scale land warfare with a host of new ground vehicles. Get more boots into the fight with the AAV and trucks, provide support with the rugged tracked IFV, outmaneuver the opposition with the light tank, and more.

Light Tank
The Main Battle Tank renders all other classes of tank irrelevant. The light tank, therefore, is inferior to it in just about every way, but has a key advantage: It can go where MBTs cannot, and show up where tanks are not expected to be. High speeds allow them to provide a capable maneuver element to any force, and light weight and small size allows them to be delivered by air. Equip the Light Tank Airdrop weapon under the Requisition (Eagle) or Requisition (Raven) tabs to drop them in anywhere at any time.

Tracked IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
The tracked IFV might not be able to get to the fight as quickly as its wheeled counterpart, but it's better equipped to take part when it gets there. What it lacks in mobility, it makes up for with increased protection against incoming fire, as well as more weapons for outgoing fire, with two anti-tank missiles for protecting dismounts against enemy armor.

MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle)
The bigger, tougher brother of the jeep. Resistant to heavy weapons fire and even light anti-tank weapons, the MRAP can carry 5 dismounts into the fight in relative safety, or support 3 dismounts with a heavy machine-gun in an armored cupola. When hit with something it can't handle, a few seconds' burn time allows passengers to bail out and carry on fighting.

Transport Truck / Tactical Truck
A mainstay logistical vehicle with plenty of room for troops and supplies in the back, allowing it to carry and resupply eight passengers. The transport truck allows passengers to use their personal weapons and can drop off supply crates, while the tactical truck is equipped with armor and a heavy machine gun.

AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicle)
The AAV can serve as a heavily-armored, high-capacity APC on land, but its true calling is in marine operations. Hydrojet propulsion gives this lumbering giant startling speed on the water, allowing it to deliver 8 marines ashore faster than an APC and more safely than an assault boat. However, its slow speed and light armament can limit its utility inland.

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