Skin «Sapsan Gasmasked Conscripts — V+ Styled Skins DLC» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Sapsan Gasmasked Conscripts — V+ Styled Skins DLC

These skins are not directly linked to the original Sofa's mod. They copy the style for better compatibility and their backstory is based on the V+ quasi-lore, but they are not part of the Vanilla+ series.
Also, vehicles and weapons used in screenshots not included, cause they belongs to other V+ mods.
Please, report any issues you can notice.

Sapsan means Peregrine in Russian!

Included variants:
- Sapsan Woodland Conscript Gas Mask
- Sapsan Universal Conscript Gas Mask
- Sapsan Snow Conscript Gas Mask

The main idea of Sapsans:
Sapsans once were part of Berkut Pact. During one huge economical crisis, while other states took measures to keep their communist and socialist regimes, Sapsans did nothing and their economic collapsed. Government were overthrown by group of politicians and agents who used to be criminals before their official careers. And they declared end of socialism in Sapsan Republic. After that Sapsans were excluded from Berkut Pact, and their criminal government didn't do much to modernize country, army and other things. They were just building authocracy, grabbing money and saying people that it's whole world's fault that their state is a poor rogue on political arena. That's how, probably accidently, the fascist regime were built in Sapsan Republic.
Now, when tense grove up enough, Sapsans invaded Kingfishers, justifying it by "historical rights" and almost half of Sapsan's people supports invasion. But, the other half don't. The other half tired of mad authoritarian kleptocracy. And those people decided to finally take measures. This is how, during the invasion of neighbors, civil war broke out at home. Democratic Opposition Forces — that's how rebels call themselves.

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