Skin «War of 1812 Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 21)

War of 1812 Skins

Whether you're loyal to the crown or a staunch patriot, this pack has you covered. Americans, Canadians, Englishmen, and Scotsmen alike! Not as large as my other packs, but still packs plenty of unique units to play out various scenarios of the battles of the War of 1812. You could, in fact, say this is part of the Ravenfield: Napoleonic project given that it's set at the same time and you could even do an alt-history scenario with this! Plus, there's a regiment that didn't technically participate in the Americas at this time included. The war was fought from June o' 1812 (as the name would say) up to February of 1815; some battles continued given the time it took for news to travel and spread.


Six skins, three for America, and three for the Crown

  • U.S. Line - Late
    • An American soldier decked out in his later-period uniform and 1813-pattern tombstone shako.
  • U.S. Line - Early
    • The earlier jacket and shako, alongside red facings and lace on his uniform.
  • U.S. Marine
    • Yellow-gold lacing along with half-diamond lace on his cuffs.
  • Canadian Militia
    • Based on some provincial militia units of northern Canada, one example being the 2nd York, he wears standard British equipment, but with a green jacket. Canada, why did you ever switch from such a nice jacket.
  • British Line
    • A standard British soldier with yellow facings and the Stovepipe shako; can also fit Napoleonic scenarios. He's based on the 16th Regiment of Foot.
  • British 42nd Highland 'Black Watch'
    • I've been wanting to create this unit for a long while to tag alongside the other highlanders in my Napoleonic British skin pack. Arguably the most famous of the Scottish regiments under the British. Government Sett tartan and bastion loops.

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