Skin «Chinese Late Qing Dynasty Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

Chinese Late Qing Dynasty Skins

Such an interesting looking compilation of uniforms, vaguely similar to other Asian styles of the period, though still manages to boast its own unique features. These here are skins for Chinese soldiers right around the end of the Qing Dynasty, roughly 1910; they were modeled after figures in a reprint I own of a famous color plate series done by Moritz Ruhl in the Verlag Publishing House in Leipzig - this one titled "Die Chinesische Armee." The Qing Dynasty lasted for several hundred years of ruling in China, before finally coming to an end in 1912 - the last of the great imperial ruling parties of China - before its introduction into a republic. Without that book of color plates, this addon would not be possible - or at the very least - for me.


This unique skin pack includes a total of nine different units, majority of which are reskins of one specific unit depending on your choice of facing colors.

  • Chinese Foot Guard
    • Foot guard are the iconic symbol of military power, especially at this time. Almost every nation has had foot guard, generally the strongest and most experienced soldiers make up these groups.
  • Chinese Guard Cavalry
    • Similar to the above, except with white facings and riding boots, cavalry was still used at this point in time, so it still makes sense.
  • Chinese Gendarme
    • These units are similar, but their tunics are altered a tad and they wear something akin to a kepi upon their head, they are essentially your standard military police.
  • Chinese Summer
    • A khaki uniform with red facings - red was the color of the infantry at this time. One could probably use him as a WWI-period soldier as well.
  • Chinese Winter
    • The dark blue infantry jacket compared to the lighter weight khaki model, this soldier has also been equipped with the stylish spatterdashes.
  • Chinese Artillery
    • Artillery units were faced in yellow.
  • Chinese Medical Corps
    • The medical corps were displayed with a sort of deep green.
  • Chinese Pioneer
    • These soldiers were clad with a lighter blue than the infantry jackets.
  • Chinese Railroad
    • Many armies at this point had railroad units, for instance, the German Eisenbahn regiments. These soldiers boast dark blue/black facings.

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