Mutator «Scavenger» for Ravenfield (Build 26)


This mutator replicates the behavior of Call of Duty's Scavenger perk.

When a bot dies they may drop ammo boxes, med packs and if you have Player Armor, armor plates. Items are auto picked up when going near them.

For balancing purposes, drop rates are lowered for non-player enemy kills as well as from allies killed. Killing your own allies will drop the rates lower.

By default this will also disable the vanilla ammo boxes from kicking dead bots.

Ammo Boxes

Ammo boxes by default give you 50% of a weapon's magazine size. This can be configured in the settings. They will also replenish equipment. Weapons can be blacklisted from this. If loot beams are set to "Predetermined", ammo boxes will have white beams.

Med Packs

Med packs restore by default 15% of your max HP. This can also be configured in the settings. Med packs will also give you stim shots if you have Enhanced Health System running. If loot beams are set to "Predetermined", ammo boxes will have green beams.

Armor Plates

Armor plates will only drop if you have Player Armor on. This will replenish your armor plates. If loot beams are set to "Predetermined", ammo boxes will have blue beams.

Drop rates for items can be changed in the settings.

The Ammo Scale Setting

This setting changes the amount of spare ammo you spawn in with. By default, it's set to 0.5 (50%). This means by default you will spawn with only 50% of your usual ammo. This is to incentivize the use of the mutator's main mechanic. If you want to keep defaults, simply set the scale to 1.


For the best experience, use this mod with the following:

  • Player Armor
  • Improved Weapon Pickup

I also highly recommend removing ammo bags from bots and not using them yourselves for a challenge.

  • Fixed spawn limit setting not being followed

22.02.23 (b.26)


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good mod