Mutator «Genshin Impact - Klee Player Voice» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Genshin Impact - Klee Player Voice

Standard player voice pack for Klee, the child bomb-obsessed Spark Knight. Klee's lines in context are innocent enough, but put into Ravenfield she becomes the walking embodiment of pure terror. I made an effort to only boost individual lines that need them this time thanks to Klee's audio files wildly varying in volume, the result is that the majority of her lines are clean while the rest have some obvious clipping.

The pack contains 106 voices consisting of the following:

-6 medium damage voices
-6 heavy damage voices
-5 low health voices
-5 death voices
-10 kill voices
-5 killstreak voices
-6 revenge kill voices
-3 falling voices
-5 spawn voices
-8 reloading voices
-5 victory voices
-5 defeat voices
-6 point captured voices
-6 taking point voices
-7 losing point voices
-18 shared equipment usage voices

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