Mutator «Universal Camera Shake» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Universal Camera Shake

Ever seen one of those guns with a nice camera shake effect, but couldn't use it on your favorite gun?

Well now you can!
This mod adds a camera shake to 99.9% of all guns in the game!

Camera shake depending on many factors, including weapon recoil, if you are prone or not, and if you are aiming down sights or not.
Also adds shaking effects to vehicles, to make tank battles even more intense!(Now optional, disabled by default)

Intensity Options:
You can now choose between 3 different options of intensity!
Small-For people that want to be able to pull off longer range shots/want a less subtle effect.
Medium-The original intensity
Intense-Not recommended to play with unless in a CQC enviroment, causes intense shaking

Q:Why isn't my gun's camera shaking?
A:Make sure you have the mutator enabled, if it still does not shake, the gun might have a very low recoil per shot, causing the screen to only shake a little.
Q:Does this effect vehicles?
A:As long as the vehicle has some recoil(Tested with all vanilla ground vehicles)
Q:Does this work with every weapon?
A:As long as the gun has recoil, and doesn't have any camera scripts, the mod should work.

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