Mutator «Raven Engaged» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Raven Engaged

Take on the vehicle and destroy anything that moves. Time to seek & destroy !

the supported vehicles are tank, apc, and aircrafts. if you take the vehicle, the game starts.

Eliminate all enemies in each waves using your vehicle of choice.

In case you are having trouble to find the remained enemy, press search nearest enemy (M by default, changeable) to find the direction of the nearest enemy.

If you only want to focus on burning the ground, check 'Show all vehicles' tab vehicle selector and replace helicopter and transport helicopter to land vehicles.

This mutator should work on most maps but i recommend to avoid :

  • maps with little or no land vehicle paths.
  • maps with very strange minimap camera placements.

I haven't tested this in many maps but I can confirm that it works fine in Dustbowl and Canyon. For several weeks I'll test this MOD in various custom maps.

Good luck engaging pesky ravens !

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