Map «Capital (Remaster)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Capital (Remaster)

(Map is not recommend for low end hardwere)

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The Capital has been ripped apart for months now and all diplomatic relations between both sides have fell apart, mass riots are spreading across both island nations and civil unrest has become rampant. Due to a 10 year economic recession and government corruption on the Raven island of Los Raven, The Raven Dictatorship has started to collapse the Raven's have decided to declare war on the Eagle's for revenge for Coke induce President Richerd M Raven after being killed in a car bomb at the Royal Raven Stadium on Friday morning, The Raven population strongly believes that the Eagle government had involvement in the killing, but many also believes that the Raven Dictatorship where the ones to pull the trigger and purposely spark a war with the Eagle's so they can steal there valuable oil reserves. The Eagle's largest city of New Eagles has been put under marshal law to prevent mass unrest and anti war protest's towards the government, The city of Los Raven has seen mass protest towards the Raven government and the Eagle's in recent days and many believe a war is brewing around the corner. Both Raven and the Eagles have drawn out there military forces toward the river of Freedom waiting for the first shoot to be fired. The Eaglehood sigh that over looks the city of New Eagle was vandalized by pro Raven supporters last week. Tensions have risen for both sides in recent days. On the verge of war It's up to you to decide the faith of the Capital and only you can bring peace and freedom across both nations. Or face complete destruction and a blown CPU. If anything the Eagles started it.

Recommend bots 80-120 max For High End PCs

(For Low End PCs Users)

Lower Setting To "Fastest"
60 Bots Max
No Mods
Use Box Man
No Gas/Smoke
Restart PC
Close All Chrome Tabs And Yes That Includes Youtube So Deal With It.
Play Offline/Airplane Mod

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