Mining Mod for Project Zomboid (v41.x)

Mining Mod

Mod that add mining nodes and the ability to mine them.

This mod adds 10 minerals that can be mined using a pickaxe. Each one of the nodes provide the raw material for set node. Ex: Mine iron and you get Raw Iron. This mod also adds the processed material (ex: Iron ingot).
Currently, these materials don't have any use, but can be added to other mods recipes.(These nodes can only be placed using debug or by an admin)

This mod adds an endurance bar on the ability tab that level up over time. You can use the levels earn to perform the mining action. Each mining requires 2 level of energy to be consumed. Also, the amount of material earn after performing the action depends on the metallurgy level.

It also provides 2 new traits, a positive one [Dwarf Soul] and a negative one [One-armed miner]. these traits reduce or increase the amount of materials mined by 1.

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