WWII Rifles for People Playground

WWII Rifles

In this mod, you will get a lot of WWII weapons: Rifles, Machine Guns, Anti-Tank Guns, etc. All of them are made in excellent quality, also features such as Animation, Fire Mode Switching, Ammo Limitation and much more are offered.

24 Rifles:

-Johnson M1941
-M1 Carbine
-M1 Garand
-Springfield M1903
-AVS Simonov
-PTRD Degtyarev
-PTRS Simonov
-SKS Simonov
-SVT Tokarev
-Lee Enfield
-Gewehr 43
-Mauser 98k
-M30 Luftwaffe
-StG 44
-StG 44 Corner Gun
-Volkssturmgewehr 1-5
-Arisaka Type 30
-Type 44
-Carcano Mod.38
-Karabin wz.38M
-Lahti L-39

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Version 24.08.22 for People Playground


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