FTC Sci-Fi Weapons Mod for People Playground

FTC Sci-Fi Weapons Mod

Adds these weapons:

★ FTC Type-P Railgun
"A special type of rail gun that's made for very high impact force at the cost of penetration and actual bullet wound damage. Great against unarmored, light, or loosely put together targets."

★ FTC Modified SPAZ-45
"Modified semi Auto Shotgun. Surprisingly, it doesn't pack that much of a punch but the pellets are serrated and create horrible lacerations."

★ FTC Glowknife
"The blade is made from glowy crystals. Its really sharp."

★ FTC Tectonic Bomb
"Just an average medium bomb. Simple and robust. Made to be mass manufactured."

★ FTC Blunt Waraxe
"It is a war axe. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. It is cut with bands of plasma and primarily made with black sand and iron."

★ FTC Model-Y LMG
"Very inaccurate but deadly if it manages to hit someone."

★ FTC USi-20
"Shoots very fast with good accuracy. The bullets are not lead, They are made from cut crystal. The company that makes this weapon designed it based on a weapon from the distant past."

★ FTC Type-P Railgun MK-II (shown above)
"Modified version of the Type-P Railgun. Incredibly powerful prototype, for android use only."

★ FTC Toxic GlowKnife [BROKEN]
"The blade is made from toxic glowy crystals. It's really sharp and toxic."

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