CR Cormandy - Heavy Assault Soldat for People Playground

CR Cormandy - Heavy Assault Soldat

Heavy Assault Soldat
Equipped with the TEL-AR-V15 heavy assault rifle with an under-barrel 40mm grenade launcher and laser targeting systems. The laser itself is made out of natiotes that can be visually detected only by specialized sensors, which only Cormandian combat armor helmets possess, which makes it invisible for enemies. Their equipment also includes a 9mm TEL-HG-V6 sidearm, an energetic combat bayonet, a couple of grenades, breachers, digital binoculars.
The most remarkable feature of every single Soldat is their NanoSuit combat armor. It is capable of protecting the wearer from multiple types of damage, as long as it has a power source, being the brand-new Lapotron Energy Cells.

This one has a TEL-AR-V15 which is a heavier variant of a TEL-AR-V12. Fires heavier bullets at the cost of lower fire-rate.

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