The Nearby Conflicts Base: British Army for People Playground

The Nearby Conflicts Base: British Army

The third mod of this new series ! (And yea, im only), the idea would be to make several mods of this type with different countries, eras, weapons and accessories detailed to the maximum and with additions never seen before in the world of military mods in PPG. (You could say that I started these styles) of weapons, bordered outlines removed in certain parts and realistic clothing.

This mod is about the "British Army)


  • British Army Soldiers, MTP Woodland, Desert and Gloves variant. Those are extremly detailed.


  • L85A2, 6 Variants, SUSAT, DLS, SUSAT with Bipodgrip, DLS with Bipodgrip, L85A2 with Bipodgrip and L85A2.
  • L22A2, 3 Variants, SUSAT and Foregrip, DLS and Foregrip and L22A2 with Foregrip.
  • L86A2 LSW, 2 Variants, SUSAT and SUSAT with Foregrip.
  • L110A2 (FN Minimi), 2 Variants, SUSAT and the normal one.
  • L129A1.
  • Glock 17.


  • Mk. 7 Helmets, 9 Variants, MTP Woodland and Desert, Leaves, Mounts, Mounts and straps and Non-Cover Variants.
  • Osprey Body Armor, 2 Variants, MTP Woodland and Desert.
  • Highlander Forces Rucksack, 2 Variants, MTP Woodland and Desert.

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