MilitaryMod Expansion: Serbia Army Mod for People Playground

MilitaryMod Expansion: Serbia Army Mod

I want to credit Citler, a fellow modder for helping me on this journey, very very painful one. Letting me use his radio and code so you can hear Yugoslavian war songs.
Eduardo for coding the guns for me and making some sprites <3 (Palestine mod)
**I do not endorse or condone the actions of the Serbians or what the song says during the 1990s it's for historical significance*

So, this mod adds the Serbian Armed Forces, just a basic one with Flecktarn and backpacks and helmets. I added three detailed guns to go with it.
This is me and Eduardo's server:

*Do not use anything of my work without my permission, or art style*

Thank you guys for the support on the Bulgaria mod, I will soon set myself to the Hungarian mod, then Bosnia, then a few others. I love you guys, feel free to suggest anything and have a amazing day.

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