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MilitaryMod Expansion:Bulgarian Army

Hello! Welcome to one of my only posted mods on my own! Well this is more scaled down to fit PPG and since I don't want to deal with high rez PPG characters.

Please leave a like, comment, thumbs up, or even gift. I will take suggestions on small countries I can add, there will generally only be two or three PPG characters.

Thank you to Eduardo and Citizen for helping code guns with me, they were Gs teaching me how to mod. I love you all and please message me if you want anything or even want to suggest anything-Pax#9999

Also wanting to thank Classified for the helmet sprite, being an OG Mil Mod Dev and a Good friend.

**Forgot to add, I am using a way older camo!!! Modern Bulgaria uses Flecktarn and that would be boring, I do not care for 100% accuracey, I just wanted something cool to make some nice weapons, cheers!**

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  • Author: loudyfam
  • Mod version: 10.03.22
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  • File size: 1.8 mb
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