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Russ Art 2C7 Pion

2S7 "Peony" (GABTU index — object 216) is a Soviet 203—mm high-power self-propelled gun.

Developed at the Kirov Plant in Leningrad. The chief designer of the chassis is Nikolai Popov, the 203-mm rifled 2A44 cannon is Georgy Sergeev.

2C7 "Peony" is designed to suppress the rear, destroy particularly important objects and means of nuclear attack in tactical depth at a distance of up to 47 km. After modernization, a new index 2C7M "Malka" was obtained (chassis — 216M with diesel V-84B, guidance and charging systems were upgraded), the name "Peony-M" is found in the literature.

This contraption requires the following mods:

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