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The Ka-50 (product "800", NATO codification: Hokum A, known as the "Black Shark" and in the West as the "Werewolf" and the "Deceiver". [Hokum]) is a Soviet/Russian single-seat attack helicopter designed to defeat enemy combat vehicles, firing points, and manpower on the battlefield.

Due to the absence of a second helicopter crew member responsible for target hunting and guided weapon system guidance, it was intended to use a different battle tactic from the traditional one, in which the Ka-50 received external targeting from a reconnaissance helicopter.

I - Engine off/on.
"+" - Switch on auxiliary power (for holding in the air in place or landing)
"C - Off/Off Slow down and decelerate to a higher speed.
C - Turn off / on deceleration
H - Stabilization on/off
B - Pull nose up (requires to turn off stabilization)
J - Fire rockets
U (pressed) - Fire heavy machine gun

No mods required. Suitable only for BETA VERSION of the game

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