MI-24V crocodile for People Playground

MI-24V crocodile

The Mi-24 helicopter family is a whole generation of Soviet-Russian attack helicopters developed by the Mil Design Bureau. The unofficial name is "Crocodile". The Mi-24 became the first Soviet (European) and second in the world (after the AH-1 "Cobra") specialized combat helicopter. Serial production began in 1971. It has many modifications, has been exported to many countries of the world. It was actively used during the Afghan War (where it received baptism of fire), in the war in Ukraine, during the fighting in Chechnya, as well as in many regional conflicts.

The modification of the Mi-24V became a landmark, with a mobile USPU-24 machine gun with a YakB-12.7 machine gun, and it was on it that the new anti-tank missile system "Sturm" with 9M114 missiles and the Raduga guidance system was installed. Now the crocodile could confidently fight the enemy's armored vehicles. It was put into service on March 29, 1976. "Crocodile" was added in update 1.81 "Flight of the Valkyries", along with the initial development tree of helicopters of the USSR/RF.

To fire a rocket salvo, press the U.

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This dude just copied the entire wt mi-24v description