VAZ-2106 for People Playground


The VAZ-2106 Zhiguli is a Soviet and Russian rear-wheel drive Group III small class car with a sedan type body, which was an upgrade of the VAZ-2103 and was produced by the Volga Automobile Plant from 1976 to 2001[1][2]. In 1998, production was partially transferred to Roslada in Syzran (the last VAZ-2106 produced in Togliatti was assembled on December 28, 2001), in 2001 - to Anto-Rus in Kherson (Ukraine), and in 2002 - to IzhAvto plant in Izhevsk, where it continued until the model was removed from the conveyor until 2006. One of the most popular cars in the history of the USSR, Russia and the CIS - all produced and assembled at various plants more than 4.3 million units[3]. 2hp, I hope you will notice that too

W - Start forward movement
X - Start reversing
I - Start the engine
L - Turn on headlights
P - Turn on turn signals.

No mods are needed.

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