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Sinkable Destroyer

Information About Model

-2 Guns Medium Caliber Explosive*
-Cruise Missile Launcher built into hull

*Servos built into every gun to control angle of fire (Change angle of servo to change angle of gun [default 1 degree]).

-One Main Reactor*

Other Features:
-Communication Antenna
-Ship Floats Independently
-Ship sinks if turrets or front are damaged
-Ship stabilised with gyroscopes*
-Working Propellers (Just very slow due to electricity limitations in water)

*The ship will still float fine without them(Just looks pretty when its horizontal)

How to use
- - Fires all main guns, front and back
= - Turns off signal

All the servos angles can be changed to fire the guns at a different angle.

Enter - Turns on propellers

Some glitches on the front sinking system
Ship also tends to split in half when sinking
Looks like its not sinking for a bit and then all of a sudden does

I have not needed to change any specific settings to get this ship to work
My current settings (no issues).
-All main features on
-Dynamic collision
-At least 32 iterations (although this was built with only 128 iterations enabled)

I imagine the ship could be quite laggy on lower end PC's or if multiple are spawned in, although I have not done much testing on this

My settings with 1060 3GB Card gave me 114 fps with one ship and 48 with 2 so it shouldn't be too bad

File info

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