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Absolutely Safe Mansion

After 2835 years Just_Baget Corp. brings you the perfect home for noisy neighbors, turtles in terraria and many other terrible people. This is a remake of my last trap house, just a little more advanced and much more "safe". Our scientists have equipped this house with the most powerful traps imaginable. Oh, that is, there are no traps, especially there are not:

  • laser grid
  • Pit with insane temperature
  • Platform for flight into space without a spacesuit
  • A bunch of explosives in the most unexpected places
  • Large-caliber guns under the doors
  • And even a black hole

By the way, due to such a number of traps, optimization suffered a little - instead of 200 objects before, there are now more than 600 of them (400+ of which are only for traps). There are so many traps in the house that even I can't remember where they are.
If traps somehow interfere with you (this is strange, because it’s cozy in the house and with them), you can turn them off by pressing the P button

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Why doesnt it show me the mod?


its a contraption


it downloads as a html file not a compressed zip. file :(