Mod «Czechoslovakia Reworked» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10)

Czechoslovakia Reworked

Complete rework of Czechoslovakia for vanilla game.

New focus tree with 6 main branches:

1) ČSNS-democratic "historical" path, befriend or destroy Slovak and German parties, prepare your defence and then hold the last bastion of democracy against German hordes

2) Legacy of Masaryk-democratic alt-history path, revive Masaryks legacy, be ready that Sudeten Germans will rise up soon after finishing "Legacy of Masaryk" focus, than prepare army and start war against Poland to get claimed territories, ally UK and fight against Germans, than you can also invade USSR or secure colonies in Africa

3) NSJ-not-aligned path, ally NOF, proclaim slavic monarchy and form Zapadoslavia, than fight Gemrany, unite with the Southern Slavs, destroy USSR and integrate Russia

4)KSČ-communist path, start the revolution and win civil war, than invade Austria and Hungary (do this before Germany does Anschluss), than form EUSSR, ally USSR and spread the revolution to the Europe and beyond

5)HSLS- Slovak fascist path, start independece war and win, then invade Hungary, demand Lower Austria (again, do this before Anschluss, if you dont wanna fight Germany yet) and proclaim the Empire, this path has its own unique units-the shovel battalions (infantry, motorized and mechanized versions), than you have option to start civil war in Italy between Pope and Mussolini, secure the Papal state and start crusades

6)SdP-SudetenGerman fascist path, start independece war and win using help from Germany, than invite Heydrich and SS high command and start securing your influence, join Germany in Barbarossa and take lands on the East, in the end you can betray Reich and unite whole Gemany under your rule

  • New generals
  • New military and political advisitors
  • Little buffed democracy-can create puppets and do "prepare collaboration goverment" missions to make invading USSR less painfull
  • Adds decision, that can set allied AI to not guard borders of you or your puppet-this also makes invading USSR less painfull
  • Balanced for historical AI SP games, non-historical AI can completely break some paths!
  • Tested with all currently avaible DLCs (No step back), Death or Dishonor required, but also uses content from other DLCs

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