Mod «Improved Graphics (colonel/DLC edition)» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.12)

Improved Graphics (colonel/DLC edition)

This mod is made to improve the graphics of the game, without lowering its performance or altering the checksum.

The better graphics currently include:

  • tile borders
  • darkblue water (enable 'high-quality-pixel-shaders' and 'reflections')
  • white mapfont
  • better frontlines
  • less Snow (terrain underneath visible again)
  • more pleasant textures on 'low quality'
  • non-black river banks

The probably most prominent feature of the mod are the UPSCALED TANK MODELS. Make sure to use the version of the mod that matches your version of the game / owned DLCs.


  • add more versions of the mod (just upscaled models, just graphical changes)
  • upscale the amphibious tank models
  • upscale tank models of minor nations
  • upsacle tank-variant models from the "Armor-Pack" DLCs
  • upscale motorized/mechanised models
  • edit naval- and airbase icons
  • transparent paratrooper orders

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