Mod «OWB: Proper Factions» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)

OWB: Proper Factions

Hello There MultiPlayer Players! I've heard your endless cries of frustration that go something along the lines of:
"Why Can't I join his faction!"
"Why can he create a faction but I can't join"
"Faction System Wack"

and many more. Today I present you with a mod to make your life a billion times easier!

Proper Factions!

With this mod, having the base faction gamerule enabled will automatically set it so players can join factions. Alongside this, should a player hotjoin or switch nations after the game starts, a special decision is left for players to gain the ability to join and create factions.

WARNING: If you try joining an OWB faction (Example: NCR, Legion, etc), with the base game faction joining system with my Proper Factions, it WILL break triggers aka mess up focus trees.

Tl;DR Don't use the base faction system to join major, OWB factions. Use the OWB System to join factions. Not doing so will break.

For example: Use the Join Faction option to join the NCR Faction, do not use the BASEGAME Join Faction to do so (Unless you're a raider who wants to I guess)


  • Old World Blues

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