Mod «The Unconventional War» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.7.1)


Nukes hit hard and war is dirty, it is not uncommon for countries to use somewhat inconventional means to make sure the war is going their way, welcome to the inconventional war.

The Inconventional War has 3 main features:

Chemical warfare: The mod adds chemical warfare as an option to unit commanders in the form of abilities, this can be researched and be fielded giving combat bonuses to the side that utilizes them, including some attrition. The defending side however isnt defenseless as protection can be researched and chemicals are less damaging in cold regions.

Ballistic missiles: Ballistic missiles are an aditional option to the aircraft dropped nukes, these are however not intended for use on the front line as they have a slight 'mind of their own' they however do alot more damage to the state than the traditional options and you can manufactor larger warheads that increase damage uppon the state.

State developement and revolts: States can be 'leveled up' and when enough is invested into states you can upgrade their state category to a higher level. States can now also revolt, if you occupy regions, have low stability and many other possibilities will cause states to fight against their overlord.

Mod checked on game version: 1.7.1


  • Added event to disable unique units
  • Expanded Startup Event

Tech Folders:

  • Moved Inconventional tech folder
  • Added Generic expanded units tech folder
  • Added Germany expanded units tech folder ( only visible when fascist if not than the generic one is shown )
  • Added Russia expanded units tech folder ( only visible when communist russia )
  • Added United Kingdom expanded units tech folder
  • Added United States expanded units tech folder


  • Added Combat Engineering Tech Tree
  • Added Special Infantry Tree
  • Added Special Artillery Tree
  • Added Special Operations Tree
  • Added NKVD Tree
  • Added SS tree


  • Added Engineer Regiment
  • Added Armoured Engineer Regiment
  • Added Staff Company
  • Added Heavy Infantry Regiment
  • Added Sniper Company
  • Added Heavy Artillery Regiment
  • Added Railway Gun
  • Added Special Forces
  • Added Volksturm
  • Added SS
  • Added Motorised SS
  • Added Mechanised SS
  • Added SAS


  • Added a second 'row' to the technologies interface for the new tech folders


  • Removed some unused text in the calculations
  • Removed +50 revolt risk increase
  • added -25 revolt risk decrease to start option
  • when a state changes controller it will temporarily 'calm down'
  • Fixed state showing up as capital when not


This patch expands the availiable units that can be trained and the equipment that is required to do so, many of the specialized units are upgraded with the standard unit upgrades however can also be expanded in the research tab, doing so will in most cases add or increase a units production cost but will in return will grant the units large buffs.

Some nations ( for now only fascist germany, communist russia and england will have their own unique units in addition to or as a replacement for the expanded units, these units have a slight bonus over their 'generic' variant however they can be disabled.

Korps Staff:

Divisions need to be staffed to be propperly commanded, background operations are essencial for propper command and controll and as such you need your staff. In this patch you will find the staff unit unit that can be inserted as both a support unit or a regulair unit slot and is nessisairy to operate your army effectively, within a corps you will need a sufficient staff or else you will suffer combat penalties however if sufficient or more than sufficient staff is present within your corps you will have small buffs. A maxed out korps will require 8 staff sections at minimum to function propperly, it does not matter if the staff is in the combat units or in a seperate division entirely as long as they are present within the army corps. The calculations are done dependant on the staff strength, a staff unit needs at least 80% of its equiment to be considered functional however if you have 2 staff companies at 50% strength it is still considered 1 staff unit.

TLDR: An army korps will need a staff or it will recieve combat penalties, the ratio is 1 staff unit for every 3 divisions, a staff unit needs at least 80% equipment to function, staff can be anywhere within a korps even as a division on its own entirely.

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Hearts of Iron 4, unpack the contents of the archive to the folder Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod and enable the modification in the launcher.

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