Mod «MTG Expanded» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.8)

MTG Expanded

Man the Guns Extended adds two new submarine hulls and over 20 new ship modules greatly expanding ship customization options. This mod makes no changes to vanilla ships or modules. It only adds to them so the AI experience should remain unchanged. The new ships and modules can all be unlocked through research in the naval technology tree.


  • Ships added: 1945 Submarine Hull, Cruiser Submarine 2 and Midget Submarine
  • Ships unlocked: Coastal Defense Ship, Torpedo Cruiser, Submarine Cruiser I
  • Modules added: Too many to list. While most modules focus on submarines, many can be applied to surface vessels as well. All modules are based on historic technologies.


  • Added Flight Deck Cruiser tiers 3 and 4
  • Added seaplane tender modules to airplane catapult research line
  • Added AA btry to CFII mid 2 module slot
  • Added seaplane tender to CFII rear 1 module slot
  • Added new ships and submarines bonuses to naval shell and fire control methods tech
  • Added convoy_retreat_speed bonus to dazzle camo tech (still attempting to affect other convoy stats)
  • Added observation mast module to radar slot
  • Added super-heavy battleship 2 to the 1940 BB subtech
  • Added super-heavy battery II module
  • Added conning tower (armored bridge) module to super-heavy mid 1 module slot
  • Added super-heavy dazzle camo module


  • Improved localization descriptions for numerous modules
  • Increased CF I flight deck size to 4 aircraft.
  • CFII main flight deck module now reduces armor and increases speed.
  • Reduced (slightly) new CF flight deck modules surface and submarine detection bonuses
  • Replaced several tech-tree and module icons with improved art work done by 电灯弗里曼 (Author of: Lamp's Eqpt Icons)
  • Improved several topview gfx files
  • Removed unused .gfx files

Version 14.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)

  • Added submersible heavy battery module to the cruiser submarine I.
  • Coastal defense ship, panzerschiff and torpedo cruiser subtechs now display when unlocked by other means to prevent duplication of research. (thx, Burner345-BR)
  • Rebalanced stats for all submersible batteries, aircraft launchers and deck space
  • Added submarine_dp_light_battery localization
  • Added large cruiser (CB) to the 1944 sub tech slot
  • Added country specific ship names for cruiser and carrier submarines


Version 02.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)


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