Mod «Real amount Soviet tanks» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.11)

Real amount Soviet tanks

Soviet armor equipment is hugely underpowered and underestimated in the game.

This mod fixes these thing into slightly more realistic numbers (don't expect absolutely real numbers as it's unknown how many vehicles were really in fighting condition).

Created new variants for T-18, T-37, T-26TT (Two turrets), T-26, BT series and even T-28 and T-35 (with and without radio). Adding these equipments into stockpile in more or less close numbers to 1936.

Devs made 2300 tanks (T-26 and BT-5) available at the start of the game for Soviets. This mod adds another 6586 tanks across variants so we get overall 8886 tanks available at the start.

Most of the variants are obsolete and weak so your game experience shouldn't suffer and game shouldn't became unbalanced (unless you want to steamroll world in 1936)

In return I slightly reduced experiencies of armor divisions so player will be forced to either train division (which will lead to attrition), let them battle unexperienced (which will lead to bigger casualties) or use them only to train divisions or suppresion templates. Your choice

I'm willing to add new templates for other nations too if somebody will give me reliable informations about tank numbers of others nations.

Compatible with Expert AI

Requires: Expansion - Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back

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