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Second Sengoku

Welcome to Second Sengoku!

What if the Shogunate won the Boshin War

In 1867 a rebellion broke out in Japan. A group of daimyo tried to restore the emperor and depose the shogun. Despite the odds, however, the Shogunate was able to prevail thanks to reforms created by Léon Roches and the aid of foreign powers. However despite the victory the Shogunate withered. As years progressed it fell further and further behind, the old feudal model holding Japan back. Then the Chiba Riots happened. In 1917 a horde of Japanese peasants stormed and attacked the American cruiser “USS Saratoga.” Enraged by the riot and incompetence of the Shogunate a coalition was formed, led by America. Called the Patey Expedition this would be the death knell for the Shogunate.

As the combined forces of General George Edwin Patey ravaged Japan and humiliated its armies the Japanese peasantry revolted. Known as the Kyoto Revolution it would see the shogun flee and Japan surrender. As a result of this the Provisional Government of Japan was created and several cities were ceded. In spite of this for five years Japan seemed to flourish under the new order. Then the Great Kanto Earthquake shattered it all. As countless suffered and died the government was found to be incapable of providing aid to its people. Soon people looked to alternative sources of stability. Thus began the rise of yakuzas, resurgence of clans, socialist parties, and ultranationalism.

As though things could not be worse for Japan the stock market crash sealed the fate of Japan. As people lost their jobs and the economy took a nose dive almost all trust in the government was lost. In 1930 Japan died. A socialist uprising and the percieved weakness of the government prompted a military coup. The failure of which, due to the refusal of the navy to join in and the rise of various regional and restorationalist movements saw the coup devolve into a civil war, which in turn spiralled into general chaos. That was years ago. Japan once more finds itself in a time of war. A Second Sengoku Jidai.


  • New map focused on East Asia with 19 nations
  • Reworked country selection screen
  • World Stage mechanic where the player can interact with an off-map Second World War
  • Other new mechanics like sieges, battalion limits and religion
  • Hundreds of new focuses, ideas and laws
  • New focus icons, flags, country names, colors and portraits
  • Custom UI and Title Screen
  • Additional ideologies and parties
  • Fixed topbar pause button
  • Added a focus tree to Greater Korean Empire
  • Added a focus tree to Protectorate of Gando
  • Small tweaks to Tohoku Peasant Republic's focus tree
  • Added localisation to Tohoku Peasant Republic
  • New generic portraits for japanese nations and Portuguese Nagasaki
  • Updated many older portraits
  • Tweaks to events and localisation for Far Eastern Republic
  • New adviser and advisor portraits for Shogunate
  • Reworked election events and focuses for Provisional Government
  • Fixed missing modifier icons in tooltips

Version 01.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


  • supply trucks have finally found the right turn and could be used
  • "nuclear" OP bombing is no more
  • fixed multiple missing localisation entries
  • fixed most missing BG's (operatives are still shinobi-mode)
  • fixed vanilla pre-NSB tanks bug
  • Beria is no longer promoted to infinity and beyond
  • total mobilissation is less total (literally)
  • fixed some focus icons disappearing
  • fixed "resign CTD" (or did we?)
  • fixed some decision and events in World Stage
  • sappers now suck, congrats ya'll
  • fixed some religion-related national spirits
  • fixed technology tabs
  • added clear description to state coring
  • fixed the Molotov-Ribentrop pact repeating infinitely
  • and infinite number of small country related code fixes


  • Added new stateview GFX elements, almost done reworking stateview
  • disables some unfinished Focus Trees and changed them for OUR generic
  • Added some portraits for REI, ROC and EZO
  • Added some new icons for various tags
  • Added a button to turn off notifications about World Stage
  • and some other minor changes


Version 27.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


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