Mod «Luxembourgreich - What if Luxembourg won WW1?» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.10)

Luxembourgreich - What if Luxembourg won WW1?

Have you ever wondered what would've happened if Luxembourg successfully defeated the Germans and won WW1? That's what this mod is here to answer!

The year is 1936, the past 2 decades has seen many empires rise and fall. The start of the Great War in 1914 by the assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand marked the end of stability in Europe. Germany would go on to win many battles; but the loss at the Battle of Luxembourg was a terrible embarrassment; one which Germany would never recover. France, meanwhile, got desperate and also decided to invade through Luxembourg and Belgium.

The 2 states decided to unify in order to defend against French and German invaders. Eventually, France was forced to sue for peace. Germany surrendered shortly before due to incredible losses on the Eastern Front. Luxembourg and Russia now sand victorious. Russia pushed for the establishment of a Polish state while Luxembourg took Normandy. France, Great Britain, and Germany was forced to demilitarize, this embarrassment led to the rise of extremist movenemts in the nations. Luxembourg also pushed for the unification of the Balkans, which led to Croatian military officials to coup the weak Balkan government, pushing the nation into violent civil war which led to the Coratian militarists - led by Kaiser Zog of Albania - too take control. In Britain, nationalists led by Oswald Mosely take over. The royal family promptly flees to Scotland and secede. Ireland breaks away shortly after. After the Great War France immediately gets plunged into civil strife, and a series of coups and civil wars lead to the establishment of the 15th Republic, a communist, totalitarian state led by cruel dictator Maurice Thorez.

Nearly every French and English colony break away eventually. Germany falls into Nationalist dictatorship and Russia is on the brink of civil war due to lack of reforms. The only stable democracies left in Europe are Luxembourg and Moldavia. Can you lead the once vast empires back into greatness? Or would you rather play as an emerging power and secure your supremacy? The choice is yours in Luxembourgreich: What if Luxembourg Won WW1?


  • Detailed lore (can be found in-game)
  • Expansive focus trees for Austria, Russia, France, Luxembourg, and more!
  • Many alternate paths to take

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