Mod «Last White Duchy» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.7 - 1.11.10)

Last White Duchy

In the old days, our brothers and sisters inhabited the entire west coast, resting their possessions in the lands of Medina. History, however, considered that such a situation was not fair, and therefore, slowly but surely, the displacement to the south began. Only Krivaito Miervaldis from the semi-mythical settlement of Venta, after whom, thousands of years later, the country will be named, which has become a point of concentration of age-old pressure, which made the Vendonian nation out of dozens of tribes, managed to prove this. The Grand Duchy is one of the youngest states of the continent and, like many, appeared initially as an administrative unit within the Empire rising in those days. Grover committed a massacre in these lands, sparing neither the elderly nor the children. Only Tronite, who had been in prison before, managed to stop the bloodshed by swearing eternal loyalty to the Kaiser and leading the remnants of the once 12 million people. However, his words did not accompany the case - by conducting the development of the region, the prince disguised the building of military power under economic recovery. Before the liberation of Vendonia, Tronite did not live 10 years. Shabis, now Shabis I the Great, entered into an agreement with the Soviets and in 785 supported their uprising, but soon it turned into a one-man struggle for independence. The whole power of the continent has once again fallen on the battered region. The First Grand Duke then addressed the people - "Today we will either disappear as a people, or we will defend our freedom in the flames of the revolution!" The Vendon army tried to act intelligently, cutting off small units from the enemy and smashing them with a single fist of all the princes, from the county to the elders, but the first defeat was destined to happen and it was bitter. The younger brother of Shabis, Kurbadis, leading a personal guard of one hundred soldiers, once again tried to lure out a small detachment, eventually coming across parts led by Grover II himself, who undertook to personally resolve the issue in the rebellious region. Of the entire army, only one pony survived, which brought to the headquarters a torn, blood-stained cloak of its commander on both sides, which became the banner of the country. Hoping to wait for Talivaldis, Shabis ordered the main troops to take up defense in the capital, and also sent an advanced detachment to the suburban forests in order to detain the army there. Fifteen hundred motley vultures and ponies, who did not even have uniforms, held the Kaiser's army superior to them in all respects for ten hours, forcing them to withdraw to regroup. Only 12 militia survived the battle, whose nameless unit became the beginning of the "Aizsargs". Prince Talivaldis Yatnieks arrived just in time. The horsemen bristling with guns, spreading their wings, rushed like a deadly wave at the enemy, forcing him to flee without remembering his leader. With the blessing of Kriva-Krivaito Bruten X, Grover II crowned Shabis with an Amber Crown for the reign of Free Vendonia, in exchange for his freedom.

Requires: Equestria at War

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