Mod «OWB: Expanded Formables» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

OWB: Expanded Formables

Welcome to OWB: Expanded Formables.

This mod is designed to expand the amount of formable nations within OWB, with the mod mainly designed around minors and giving them something fun to do. There are currently 16 Formables within the mod, with these including:

  • New Mexico (Blue Rose Society)
  • Pharizona (Phoenix Arizona)
  • Los Alamos (Ciphers)
  • Blackfoot Legion
  • North Colorado Republic (Baggers)
  • Columbia (Dredgers)
  • Prespers Legacy (Sleepers)
  • Vipers Sept (ViperS)
  • Arizona Tribal Confederation (Hualupai or Western Apache)
  • Texlahoma (Scrappers Compact)
  • Hecate's Realm (Oroboros)
  • El Dorado for Viceroyalties (Thanks Koopa Officer over on the OWB Discord for the idea)
  • Nevada Rangers (Thanks again to Koopa)
  • Reforming the NCR as Shady Sands
  • Gold Defense Zone for Protectron Security Hub
  • Baja Cartel for the Baja Bandito's (Thanks again to Koopa)
  • Louisiana for Patrolmen
  • Mojave for Divide, Mojave Territories, Boomers, Vegas, and Jacobstown

As well as the ones included on launch. I've decided to add minor nations ideas as a requirement, when it really isn't though it's highly reccomended in general.

Requires Old World Blues and OWB Expanded Minor Ideas.

  • Update

Version 25.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)


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